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ElGato is a user web portal and interoperable platform that enables customers to receive their bills electronically in one place, check their accounts and used services, and pay bills in different ways: electronically, automatically by using direct debit or with cash in the bank at the rapid ElGato cashiers.

Elgato is an advanced platform that is on one side connected with the service providers and that allows them a simple electronic distribution of bills, while on the other hand it's associated with payment processors, such as banks, in order to provide electronic bill payment.

ElGato provides multiple benefits for both citizens who represent end-users, bills issuers and payment processors. By using ElGato, vendors and service providers can reliably, easily and efficiently distribute bills for their products and services to users, while users have access to their bills, all debts, as well as freedom in the choice of payment methods. And all of that in one place.

ElGato bills can be paid by using electronic banking, direct debit or with cash at the ElGato cashiers. Safe communication with the portal is ensured by encrypting traffic between participants. Invoices submitted to the ElGato are electronically signed, ensuring protection of the authenticity of the content of the original bill, or its immutability.


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Loop d.o.o. was founded in 2007, with the idea of becoming a market and technological leader in the field of custom software development and offering software as a service (SaaS). The main idea is to create modern software solutions as a response to some key challenges and problems that companies and organizations encounter, enabling the use of modern technologies in everyday life. We offer consulting services, analysis and design of solutions, development, testing and implementation of solutions, providing documentation, training and maintenance services.

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